Truck Series

For Open Riders

For the month of February through April

Doing it on a point system

1/2 point for riding at Thursday night practice

1 point for calling in for Saturday night

3 points for showing up and paying fee

5 points if you make a qualified ride

10 points if you make the top 3 for that night

20 points if you win first for that night

All points will be signed off on at the end of that night and all points will be updated and posted with in 24 hours from the performance

Bull Riders Fee's

Weekly Buckles For Open

Monthly Buckles For Novice & Steers

Practice Night

1 ride for $15.00

2 rides for $25.00

Saturday Nights

Open $55.00

Novice $45.00

Steers $15.00

Sheep $5.00

 We offer live bull riding entertainment 2 nights a week. It starts at 8pm both nights. Fun for the whole family till 10pm. We will have music playing and fun games and prize's  and give away's for all ages. We also have food and drinks available in the arena area.

Special Events

To enter Call John Hetzel @ 480-650-6003

Books open at 6:45pm and close at 7:45pm 

Stock Contractor 

John Hetzel

Spear J Cattle Company

Live Bull Riding Every Thursday and Saturday Night

50/50 Raffle

1 ticket for $1.00

6 for $5.00

Trip to Vegas for 2

$10.00 a Ticket

All money raised will go to charity and a different one will be picked each month,