Wilderness Survival Shelter

On the day that I went out into the woods to develop a shelter I had a simple strategy. I would develop a lean-to design shelter with a raised bed and a location for a fire. Easy enough.

After strolling the woods looking for a suitable spot, I discovered a rather big log that was laying on the ground. With a little work, this would provide an excellent base on which to construct my raised bed. I set to work creating the base of my shelter using logs, large and small, which I found laying around. The most convenient way to describe what I ended up with was wood stacked in what would look very near to a tic-tac-toe board. By weighting each of these four “legs” down, I could have an appropriate location to lay branches to produce my bed. The bed would be on one of the outer sides of the tic-tac-toe board.

After about 2 approximately hours into the construct, I began to burn out. I didn’t actually think that the process would be so labor extensive. Obviously, being a couple of pounds lighter and working out more would most likely have assisted. Anyway, I continued with my job. As soon as the base was totally total,

I began to put down long, directly, and strong branches for the bed. Regrettably, the stuff on the ground was mostly rotting (I had actually utilized all the good things), so I needed to compromise some trees in order to get the products that I required. About 7 to 10 long pieces of wood completed the bed frame.

Generally, you would wish to develop a bed mattress for your bed out of pine boughs. I was, however, in a deciduous forest and had to make due with ground plants. I stripped the soft leaves from the woody stalks and created a good mattress for myself. It might have been thicker, but it would do. I was tired.

It was then, that I understood my major mistake. Although I had a great spot for the base of the shelter (or so I thought), there were no close trees to which I might connect a ridge pole for my lean-to. I could have aimed to create something myself with a great deal of wood, rope, and disappointment – however I didn’t believe this would be the suitable method to do things in the wild. I slipped up, and I would live with it. There would be no lean-to over my bed.

This exercise taught me a few features of entering into the woods. They were easy things. The most significant thing I learned from this was: Do not under quote the time and energy things will take in order to obtain your camp set up. Make certain to provide yourself sufficient time to complete your projects or it will be dark and you will still be dealing with your bed that still does not have a roof on it! You can find out more about extra abilities connecting to wilderness survival.


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